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Law of Attraction Yoga Coaching


Welcome to the Law of Attraction Yoga + Manifestation Coaching. You are about to embark on an exciting new journey. One that has not only the ability to change Your life, and has the potential to transform other's lives for the better! 


Are you ready to step into a new place in your life where you want guidance with spirituality, health, and the Law of Attraction to manifest?

If you said YES, you're in the right place. 

Do you know that saying about the Butterfly? I know... there’s so many, right? Well I mean the one that says "Butterflies are created through transformation". It takes time and effort for the cocoon to transform into the Butterfly right? 


Well just like the Butterfly started in the cocoon, we too start in a space of similar circumstances. Before birth, we were in our mother's womb. Before we learned to walk, we crawled.


We spread our wings and grew into the beautiful beings we are on this Earthly plane. At some point, we ask ourselves “is this it”? I wonder if the Butterfly pondered that question before it spread its wings and flew off to explore the world with its newfound freedom.

Perhaps you're pondering that question right now. Is this it? Is this all there is to life? There must be something more, I know there’s more. Unlike the Butterfly, life as a human being isn’t that easy but, we do have options.


Learning skills like the Law of Attraction, Meditation, and Yoga to support your journey and your growth are magical practices with real tangible, achievable results to help you spread your wings so you can live the life of your most magical dreams. 


A life with Joy, Gratitude, and Bliss. A life filled with Peace and Love.

A life that feels so free and complete that you want to share those skills with others to help them transform!


I invite you to join me as your guide on this journey of transformation.


I am Denise LaFleur, Manifestation Yoga Coach. I am a certified Yoga instructor, Certified Law of Attraction, Belief Clearing and Reiki Practitioner, Meditation guide, and Entrepreneur. 


I want to help you spread your wings! 

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You are incredible, adorable, lovable, wonderful, powerful, perfectly beautiful just the way you are!